The fresh way to use sunflowers

In season now. Sunflowers are a quintessential summer flower and are a favorite among many brides. The bright yellow petals are sunny and cheerful, while the dark centers add a touch of drama. And while sunflowers are the perfect complement to a rustic, country-themed celebration, when they’re skillfully paired with other flowers and greenery, they can also take on a much more formal look. The key is restraint — use just the right amount of sunflowers without going overboard.

If you’re a sunflower-lover, definitely plan on a July, August, or September wedding, when the blooms are at the peak. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate the cheery flower into your wedding.

Baby’s breath wedding

Baby’s breath (real name: gypsophila) is not just for filler!Inexpensive and long-lasting,so if you build a bouquet with it, go big or go home! Absolutely adore this large, fluffy bridesmaid’s bouquet. Also, baby’s breath is perfect for DIY projects and other lantern decor.

Finding your Wedding Style

The wedding style which will build your wedding-day dreams. You may have thought wedding narrowed the field to a singular style and more specific.
Rustic wedding
vintage wedding
country wedding
Venue ideas for rustic wedding:camps, lodes, barns, ranches, farms, vineyards.
Vintage wedding flower ideas:baby’s-breath, peonies, roses, hydrangea, lily of the valley, hyacinth.
decoration ideas of country wedding: burlap, lace,birch, vintage fabrics, mason jars, lanterns, quilts, chalkboards.

Questions of Outdoor Wedding, Indoor Wedding when you get the vendors

What questions do you need to ask yourself, when discussing time frames and hours with your venue.
how long prepare time for your wedding and your vendors
how long can the wedding last?
do they charge a fee if it runs long?
if outdoor vendors?
can you bring in our own liquor, wine and beer?
can you use own caterers or prepare the food ourselves?
is there a designated private place you can change cloths?
how late can the band play?
is there a proper flat space for tents?
is there plan B if the weather does not cooperate?
do you have to clean after party?



Consider a venue for your wedding,
1.start with a list of possible venues. For example: an outdoor ceremony, a barn views, water, nurses and fields….. your homework: find out if the venues you like will be available on or near your chosen date, budget and the size of your wedding.
3. setting up appointment to visit. Never make a decision based just on what you see or read online.
4.make an appointment with the owners to wedding coordinator to learn as much as possible while you are there.’s time to get down to brass tacks with each of your venue finalists.
BUT in the end you will have your venue and the planning can truly BEGIN!
A FEW QUESTIONS ARE ASKING YOURSELF:(talk about that next time)


I’ve broken it down into three steps for select a date.
STEP 1:select a season—It becomes instantly easier to identify key style elements and rule out other. Color palettes, floral design and even menu choices become less overwhelming to consider within the parameters of your chosen season.
STEP 2:select a month—Take a moment to cross-reference birth dates, holidays and other notables.
STEP 3:select a date—To account for hectic schedules on both sides of the aisle, offer three potential dates to your family and wedding party. this will assist in finding the date that works best for the key players you need in attendance.

The best way to start the wedding planning process.

The joy and excitement that comes with getting engaged id unlike any other moment in life.It’s filled with all the promise of a new tourney together and the endless possibilities of what your wedding day will be. But where to start?
i always suggest that couples break this first phase of planning into three key decisions: when, where and who;in other words, the date, the venue and the crowd.